Band and General Music

Cowan Bands

The Cowan bands consist of three bands: 6th grade, 7th grade, 8th grade, and High School Bands. All three bands perform music that is not only educational for the students but challenging.

The bands perform in a variety of events throughout the school year. The Fall includes local parades for the community and a fall concert. The winter season includes a Christmas Concert for the Cowan parents and community. The annual ISSMA Solo & Ensemble opportunity for each student to challenge their musicianship on a personal level. The spring then offers the annual ISSMA Concert Band Organizational for just the High School. This event offers a challenging environment for the students to perform and be judged on some of the most challenging music of the school year. Very rewarding toward their musical experience.

Cowan General Music

The Cowan General Music classroom includes all 7 & 8 Cowan students in semester classes. The goal of the General Music classroom is to offer a musical experience that will enlighten and broaden each student's musical knowledge and appreciation of essential pieces and composers in music history. Students will also learn a basic knowledge of how to read music. The first half of the semester is focused on musical notation and theory. The second half is focused on musical history and projects that help the students demonstrate their knowledge of musical fundamentals and historical composers.