Mrs. Brewer’s Math Classes

Email: sbrewer@cowan.k12.in.us       Phone: 765-289-7128 ext. 314       Prep period:  2nd period


  • Pencil or Pen  (BLUE OR BLACK INK ONLY)

  • 2 pocket folder

  • Notebook (specifically used for notes)

  • Paper (loose leaf/2nd notebook)

  • A scientific calculator

  • 3 -ring binder (1 ½”) with pockets -- optional***


Your grade will be compiled of quizzes, test, assignments, participation, and projects.Grades will be posted on PowerSchool so you and your parents can periodically review your progress.  Points on PowerSchool will be calculated and converted to a percent. The grading scale is as follows:

A+   98%-100%      A    93%-97%     A-   90%-92%

B+   88%-89%       B    83%-87%     B-   80%-82%

C+   78%-79%       C    73%-77%     C-   70%-72%

D+ 68%-69%        D    63%-67%     D-   60%-62%

F    59% or below                                                

Weights for semester grades are as follows: Two Quarters: 40% EACH        Final Exam: 20%

Semester Exam & Chapter/Unit Tests:

You will be tested at the end of each Unit/Chapter. Those students who score 93% or higher on test, will receive a free homework pass that must be used before the next test. A cumulative exam will be administered at the end of the semester. This exam will be worth approximately 20% of the semester grade.

ABSENT/ Make up work:

The school website will list all assignments, so you can see what you missed. There is also a corresponding folder for each class for any handouts, worksheets that you’d need, etc. Following the Cowan student handbook for the policy on work missed when you are absent.  IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO FIND OUT WHAT WAS MISSED, TURNED IN, OR ASSIGNED WHILE YOU WERE ABSENT FROM CLASS. You have the same number of days to make up the assignment as the number of days your were out.


Homework will be given at least a few times every week. Majority of assignments will be worth 10 points, 5 for completion/showing work, and 5 for accuracy. It is very important that homework be turned in on time and complete. NO LATE WORK WILL BE ACCEPTED!!!! (If you have left it in your locker when it’s being collected, you will either choose to take a tardy to go get it or take the zero.)



All classes, with the exception of Pre-Algebra, will be using a write in workbook/textbook. This will serve as their primary book, and will need to be brought to class daily. The Pre-Algebra class will have a traditional textbook that will need to be brought daily and will be turned in at the end of the year.

Restroom Passes/ Leaving Class:

Unless it is a TRUE EMERGENCY, I will NOT write passes for you to use the restroom, go to your locker, etc. during class. MUST ask before the minute bell and have all class materials, and only then will you’ll be excused for being tardy.

If this privilege is abused, it will be revoked;Use your time wisely.  

Classroom consequences: (Per Situation)

  • Verbal Warning/Seat Change

  • Call/Email home

  • Office Referral

Class Policies

  1. Be prepared for class

  • Come with all required materials (Textbook, paper, notes, agenda,  and pencil EVERYDAY)

  • You will not be leaving to go to your locker unless you take a tardy. All assignments and materials are to be brought everyday.

  1. Follow all class procedures

    • You are counted as tardy if you are not in your seat when the bell rings.

    • There is to be no drinking or eating in class. (Chewing gum is allowed until issue arises)

    • Sleeping or putting your head down during class is not allowed.

    • All students will be absolutely SILENT during emergency drills.

    • There is to be no talking during announcements.

    • The teacher dismisses the class, NOT THE BELL.

  2. Listen, contribute, explore and work

    • Pay attention during class. Don’t interrupt others talking, please raise hands!

    • Follow all written and oral directions immediately.

    • Participate in class discussion, Every quarter you are given 25 points per quarter for you to keep or lose.

    • Keep your head off your desk and your eyes open.

    • Complete ALL class assignments.

    • Stay in your seat unless given permission, this includes to sharpen pencils, throw away items, or get a tissue.

  3. Respect staff and students

    • There is a zero tolerance policy on name calling, bullying or harassing anyone in the building (including guests, and substitute teachers).

    • Respect all class materials BOTH THE TEACHER AND OTHER STUDENTS!!

    • Keep your hands and feet to yourself at all times.


If you have any concerns I need to be aware of please let me know as soon as possible, so I can create the best learning experience for you.