Tech. in Society

8/4/2016 rules/expectations
No Assignment
 8/5/2016 rules/textbooks
No Assignment
 8/8/2016  safety review equip/test
No Assignment
8/9/2016 safety review equip/test
no assignment
 8/10/2016 safety review equip/test
No Assignment

8/11/2016 safety continued
No Assignment
 8/12/2016 safety continued
No Assignment
 8/15/2016 reading a ruler lesson
No Assignment
8/16/2016 lab
No Assignment
 8/17/2016 lab
 No Assignment
8/22-8/26  (Working using ind. processes and creating a product/clock   (no assignment outside of class)
8/29-9/2 finishing clocks and discussing industrial processes and careers.
9/6-9/9  chapter work and continue discuss process of building decks and bill of materials including lab work of building decks
9/12-9/16  Discussion of working drawings of deck/top view.  Also producing a bill of materials to ensure math skills while estimating costs of building projects.  Work in lab constructing a deck and discuss different technologies available.
9/25-9-30  Discussion on different materials to use as roofing and cover ch. 18 bookwork.  Demo on how to shingle and tools mtls. used.  Math concepts of figuring supplies/mtls. Quiz also

10/3-10/6  Demo lab and quiz over lab work.
10/17-10/21 Problem solving lab on "do more with less"  design a rack that will hold 100 lbs of clothing or a load of 100 lbs using the limited mtls. given. Group activity.

10/24-10/28  Bill of mtls completion, video, constructing a picnic table and bench combo.  group work in lab.
10/31-11/4  construct and design using technology an item of choice for teams or individual project .
11/7-11/11. finish individual projects and begin building tables/benches in lab. 
11-14-11-18  completion of manufacturing processes and industry review
11-21-11-22  review mtl and test on Tues.

11-28-12-2  Discussed roadway and number systems of highways.  Discussed concrete and homework dealing with core mtls.  Lab will consist of making a form to make a concrete table top.
12/5-12/9  Discussion, lab on how to construct a table top of concrete.  Build forms and construct tops in groups.
12/12-12/16  Unit on concrete and lab.  objective: cure cycle materials/ingredients, tools of the trade.  Review for next week test
1/5-1/6 Discuss and worksheets regarding technology in the medical field. Sealing concrete and what is best.

1/9-1/13  Discuss best practices and technologies of farming to become efficient. videos, worksheets, chapter work
1/17-1/20 2017  Discuss kinetic energy, thrust, propulsion, wind resistance, etc. while designing a rocket propelled by fuel ie. alcohol
Discuss careers and explore different opportunities through research.
Jan 30-Feb 3  Discuss processes of obtaining certification in career of choice.   Finish lab  on rockets and write up hypothesis and prob solving.  Processes of building a deck.
Feb 6-10  Lab on design, build, test a tool that will aid in work and make a job easier.
Feb 13-17  Lab on finishing design, bill mtls, build, and test tool of choice. report to follow.
Feb 21-25 lab work and quiz to follow in production
Feb. 27-March3-  design, build and test of decks and benches.  bill of materials and estimate hours spent profit.
March 6-10  Finish rocket unit and quiz.  construct wall for Conrad/driscoll for stage.  design build test plan of process. 
March 27-31 Project transportation text book, worksheet, drawing, co2 model car
April 3-7  Project continued math science concepts
april 10-14  Cut, shape, design, and test co2 cars
April 17-21  Finish car modifications and discuss basic wiring.