Intro to Transportation

8/4/2016 rules expectations
No Assignment
 8/5/2016 rules/textbooks/drills fire/tornado
No Assignment
 8/8-8/12 safety rules expect. and safety test
No Assignment
8/15/16 reading a ruler lesson
in class assignment no homework
 8/16-8/19 lab no assignment

8/22-8/26 space travel defining terms of drag, wind resistance, propulsion, etc. making a rocket in lab (no homework)

8/29-9/2  test/launch rockets and discuss modes of transportation in text and key terms .

 9/6-9/9drawing, sketches, and terms relevant to land transportation co2 car lab applying Thrust, friction, newtons law, inertia, speed formulas to determine maximum efficiency of vehicle.

9/12-9/16  students will be able to identify industrial processes while constructing a co2 car and problem solving wheels, axles, drag, friction, and other transportation systems.

9/26-9/30 ch. 21 transportation power reading and bookwork summary.  Test to follow and lab on mouse trap vehicle design and production.

10/17-10/21  continue to work in lab on designing and constructing a mouse trap vehicle that will travel a minimum of 50 ft.  problem solving activity using levers, wheels, axles, and simple machines.
10/24-10/28  test mouse trap vehicle and conclude with test over simple machines and write up regarding what simple machines were used to construct vehicle.  what you may have done differently... writing across curriculum.
10/31-11/4  test over transportation/simple machines... research water transportation and design and build a watercraft to travel 25 ft using the mtls given. 

11/7-11/11  review key terms and chapter.  finish watercraft and test in water trough.lab
11-14-11-18  tested watercraft and wrote about pros and cons of the lab and why it was necessary to make adaptations.
11-21-11-22  review for test Mon.  Tues. Test
12-2-12-9  Rebuild and tune of lawn mowers and discussion about intake, spark, compression and how to sharpen blades, install and clean plugs, oil changing, proper maint.
12/12-12/16 discuss hydaulics, torque, compression, intake, exhaust, and how to properly care for vehicles and properly checking fluids etc.  Tire pressure and how to change a tire will be discussed.  Review for test
1/5-1/6 2017  Continue to discuss proper care and maintenance of automobiles. 
1/9-1/13  Continue to work on space travel while studying the effect of pressure to force objects upward such as rockets.
1/16-20  Discuss key terms/objectives of compression, thrust, control/guide, deflect, etc. while applying kinetic energy to thrust a rocket into space.  books, youtube, discussion, quizes.
1/23-27 Students will learn and create a rocket using liquid while learning key terms of the system and how it creates thrust and is controlled and guided.  A problem solving activity will be a part of this project.
Jan 30-Feb 3  Write up on how the fueled rocket worked and combination of oxygen/hydrogen etc.  weight, mass, and the elements that effect travel to meet goals.  Begin a problem solving activity with egg .
Feb 6-10 Continue to design, build, and test model within specs. egg vehicles.
Feb 13-17 lab and test model of inst. indiana model .  gears, and simple machines.
Feb 21-25.  compare and contrast of water vs. air pressure in a rocket.  design, build, test, model and log data.

Feb 27-March 3 finish unit on rocketry air compressed and quiz to finish unit.
Narch 6-10 finish catapults and test... assist with stage Driscoll, Conrad.
March 27-31  transportation design, build test a potato launcher.  problem solving
April 3-7  Continue launcher and problem solving.. gear ratio unit
April 10-14  Continue to discuss oil change, proper tools, parts, and maintenance on a vehicle. 
April 17-21  Demonstration on oil and filter changes as well  as , tire changing and repair by plugging.