Intro to Construction

8/3/2017 rules expectations
No Assignment
 8/4/2017 intro. rules/drills
No Assignment
 8/7/-8-11 safety rules equip/test
No Assignment
reading a ruler lesson
No Assignment
framing comp. parts
No Assignment
work on wall/ floor  component parts lab
no assignment

August 28-31 2017 work on walls and floor.  test over objectives.

Sept. 5-8 2017 Work on flooring and building doors.

9/11-15 Continue to build wall sections of shed

9/18-22 wall and roof trusses, windows

9/25-29 work on roof and siding

10/3-10/6  Demo drywall and drywall finishing... quiz to follow.

10/17-10/21  concrete lab with lesson plan and testing concrete with a compression test to determine cure cycle and learn how long the cure cycle is to take place.

10/24-10/18  construction of a deck and bill of materials to discuss when providing an estimate.  checking squareness, 24 in oc, and frost line learning obj.

10/31-11/4  continue working on deck and upon completion of benches a quiz will be given to meet objectives of unit.
11/7-11/11 Chapter work regarding building codes and zoning.  continue working on benches and framing walls.
11-14-11-18  building a dog house and basic framing criteria 
11/21-22  build and explain how to build rafters and birds mouths on rafters.

11-28-12-2  discussed framing, roofing, rafters,  continue working on sheathing and roofing doghouse.

12/5-12/9  Discussed soffits and purpose and continued to work on house.  install drip edge, roofing, and siding, apply hang vinyl siding.
12/12-12/16 trim, paint, caulk, and vinyl siding applications of dog house and review component parts for test next week. 
1/5-1/6 Discuss steel construction and aluminum vs. wood compare and contrast.
1/9-13  Videos on how to reface a counter top with concrete and how to construct a concrete countertop and proper tools and cure cycles.  Lab making tables.
1/17-20  Continue to form concrete and wet sand.  Also build table legs and finish concrete and wood table legs. 
1/23-27  Students will form, mold, and pour concrete with 36 hr cure cycle and learn the process of assembling a frame and finishing processes.
Jan 30-feb 3- Will continue to build framing for personal tables and form concrete in molds.  They then will be tested on ingredients and where, when, and how concrete is used and where it was invented.
Feb 6-10 Continue on tables and testing as a handout will be provided and a quiz.
Feb 13-17  Discuss and demo sealer and how it works.  continue tables and do handout and quiz.  begin deck design and construction
feb 21-24  Review and conclude lesson with exam and bill of materials
Feb 27-March 3  Design build, and test of shed styles and bill of materials. ask admin about refurbishing shed outside.
March 6-10 design build test of deck and benches.  assist with stage construction for Driscoll, Conrad.
March 27-31  design build and test wall section component parts a drywall, finish, trim wall section.  handouts and demonstration.
April 3-7  continue wall section unit and project
Ap4ril 10-14  Work on drywall, baseboard trim , paint, wiring.
April 17-21  Continue to work on wall sections.