Industrial Tech 8

8/4/2017 rules expectations
No Assignment
 8/5/2017 rules/textbooks/drills
No Assignment
 8/8-8/12  safety rules equip. and test
No Assignment
8/15/-8/16 reading a ruler lesson/quiz trans
handout in class no homework
 8/17-8/21 Lab work rocket
No Assignment

8/22-8/26 lab work using ind. processes creating a desk set (no assignment

sept 4-15 finishing ind. processes and lab on clocks.  chapter on industrial manufacturing and processes

 Sept 11-15  Students will perform psychomotor skills of industrial processes while building a clock.  Use a rubric to evaluate

9/18-25 write an essay on technology related jobs and respons., salary, schooling, pros/cons, education necessary.

9/26-9/29 Ch. 16 Manufacturing systems unit and bookwork summary.  Lab to create plant layout and tooling to produce a product in an assembly format. quiz to follow summative

10/17-10/21 Continue with manufacturing by designing and implementing all system from idea, to product, prototype, tooling, advertising, marketing etc.

10/24-10/28  Continue to work on manufacturing products.  candy machines,  time studies, marketing, tooling, jigs/fixtures, market survey, profit, etc.

10/31-11/4  Continue to market, produce, and manufacture gumball machines as to meet objectives.
11/7-11/11  review man. processes and continue to produce and review key items . test end of week.
11-14-  11/18 review and wrap up production orders. chapter on man. in book.
11-21-11-22  review and test Tues.
11/28-12/2  review commun. and discuss concrete work and begin project
12/5-12/9  review man. tools and process,.. discussed tools to tune a small engine and worksheet.  lab on making a project for x-mas.
12/12-12/16 discussion on antifreeze in vehicles and how to check levels.  Also finish Xmas ornaments and projects.  Begin review for finals next week.
1/5-1/6 2017  Introductions, rules/expectations, drills, seating charts.  Intro chapter work.
1/9-1/13  Continue to introduce safety of tools, machines, and pass safety exam with 100 percent.  videos and tests
1/16-20  2017  Discuss industrial processes of machines, tools. Design, build, test, a desk organizer.
1/23-27  Students will learn industrial processes of separation, finishing while creating a product that is functionable of a key holder.  lab work all week.  write up of steps writing across curriculum.
Jan 30-Feb 3-  Design and build a desk unit that is functionable and draw a design of product to communicate idea.
Feb6-10  Quiz ind. processes, tools, design.  'quick tips for booklet around household.:
Feb 13-17 chapter of land transportation .  design, build and test a co2 car

Feb 21-25  quiz and put wheels and eye hooks on vehicle ready to test.. discuss friction
Feb 28-March 3 lab co2 and test model
March 6-10 test model of co2 race day and finish chapter review/unit test
March 27-31  Design build and test rockets and discuss key terms, worksheet and quiz.
April 3-7  rocket project continued.
April 10-14  Continue rocket design, build , test phase.
April 17-21  Worked on tiling, grouting, and tools and processes to complete the job
April 24-28 Discuss deck cleaning, and staining,  also discuss how to remove dents in a vehicle and begin clock designs.