Industrial Tech 7

8/4/2016 rules expectations
No Assignment
 8/5/2016 rules/textbooks/drills
No Assignment
 8/8-8/12 safety rules equip. and test
No Assignment
8/15/and 8/16 reading a ruler lesson
No Assignment
 8/17-8-18 lab teacher demo No Assignment

8/21-26 ind. processes and creating a key holder (no assignment

8/28-31 finish key holder and write steps in process and discuss tools/machines.  Review test objectives

9/5-8 2017  discussion on bridges and parts lab on building and test model bridges. 

9/11-15 2017  Students will use industrial processes while constructing a lamp and using different machines and tools in the lab

9/18-9/29  review unit and provide study guide for exam.  Begin new unit on trans. modes and discuss science math for building a co2 car

9/26-9/30  ch. 11 graphic communications bookwork summary.  Also a project on creating a logo and business card lab work.

10/3-10/6  demo tiling and discuss trans. systems and build a bridge in groups to sustain a load.

10/17-10/21  bridge unit discussing types of bridges and then lab building a bridge in groups to sustain a load by testing further. 
10/24-10/28  Continue with bridge lab and testing on transportation terms and objectives later in week.

10/31-11/4  Test bridge and discuss post testing to obtain feedback.  Test over bridges and trusses over objectives.
11/7-11/11 review ind. processes and tools and safety.  work in lab to design a rack or clock.  student choice.
11-14-18  lab work and review of man. and processes
11-21-22  review mtl and test Tues.
11-28-12-2 discussed transporation modes and highway numbering, also discussed concrete and how it is tested and key elements of concrete.  Lab making a concrete table top or stepping stone.
12/5-12/9  Discussion on spark plugs in engines and how to gap, change, and tune a lawn mower.  Also discussion on intake, compression, etc. video and worksheets.
12/12-12/16 Discussion on antifreeze and lesson on proper levels and testing.  finishing Christmas ornaments in lab and reviewing for test next week.
1/5-1/6  2017  Introduction, rules, expectations, seating charts, drills evac. Intro to tech chapter.
1/9-1/13  Continue to introduce tools, machinery, and proper uses and safety tests. Videos and handouts
1/17-1/20  Discuss industrial processes and demo machinery, finishing, to create a key holder.
1/23-27  Begin lab work and students will learn to measure, cut, sand, finish, and assemble using industrial processes discussed of separation, finishing.  steps writing across curriculum
1/30-2/3  Lab building, designing, and testing desk sets to function to organize office materials.
Feb 6-10  Quiz on ind. processes, tools. Also lab on concrete stepping stones and worksheet.
Feb 13-17  lab on slump, forming concrete and worksheets and quizes regarding lab.
Feb 21-24 review and study the types of bridges, spans, and strongest.  build bridge and test in class.
Feb 27-March 3  Finish bridges and test in lab
March 6-10  Testing of bridges and unit test on transportation.
March 27-31  Test  and move on to transportation unit design, build test, co2 car to specs.
April 3-7  Continue transportation unit and design cars.
April 10-14  Work on design, build, test of co2 cars. and modify later
April 17-21  Work on design  and continue co2 project
April 24-28  ISTEP