April 24, 2017

Homework: Topic 14 :

Monday; 14-5 Areas and the Distributive Property NO HOMEWORK  HW p 350-351 1-12

Tuesday: 14-6 Problem Solving HW p 352-353 1-9

Wednesday: 14-7 Area of Irregular Shapes HW p  354-355 1-9

Thursday: 14-8 Same Area, Different Perimeter

Friday: Equal Areas and Fractions


Spelling Words: Spelling Test Wednesday and Friday

airplane          daytime           birthday              daylight            hairdo        notebook birdhouse       barefoot           headlight          sometime        someone    newspaper sidewalks       basketball        stagecoach          states             inches          cities somebody       handwriting

Assignments for the week will be:                                               

Monday: Write your words  p 129

Tuesday: p 132-333

Wednesday: Test &  HW: Make a Rainbow with your words

Thursday: P 134

Friday: No School

Dear Parents,


I am happy to say Third grade is done with ISTEP+ Testing. I feel as though all the children completed the test and did their best.  We will have our next round of testing, the NWEA, the weeks of May 1-8.

The girls were so excited to tell me about the Father/Daughter Dance. It is the little things in life that makes a difference.



Language Arts: We are continuing our “Lawer” writing project


The  students and I have had a talk about really buckling down and working hard to bring their grades up these last few weeks.


AR:  I just want to make everyone aware that a grade is taken for AR. The students are required to get 15 points for this grading period. 

For everyone who earns their 15 AR points this nine weeks. I am going to have a special dessert and punch for lunch.


Social Studies– Unit 3 Living in Canada


Up Coming Events:

April 27 Final Day for College Mentors. College Mentor Celebration: 5:45 p. m.

April 27 Fresh Produce Night 4:30-6:30

May 3 Steam Night 5:00—7:00

May 23rd The Last School Day of the Year.


Have a wonderful week.


Mrs. Scales