May 15, 2017


Homework: Unit 16

Monday; 16-2 Length and Line Plots HW p 394-395  1-12

Tuesday: 16-3 Reading Pictographs and Bar Graphs              HW  p 397-398 1-17

Wednesday: 16-4 Making Pictographs HW p 400-401 1-13

Thursday: 16-5 Making Bar Graphs HW p 402-403 1-13

Friday: 16-6 Problem Solving: Use Tables and Graphs to Draw Conclusions.


Spelling Words: Spelling Test Wednesday and Friday

Luke             Carson           Hidey                Montana                      Candice           Alexis             Eli                  Abi                    Zaine                           Cherish                  Adonai         Ethan           William                Shelby                        Kaitlyn           Cameron      Mrs. Scales    Miss Reed Mr.    Brown               Mrs. Montgomery

Assignments for the week will be:                                               

Monday: Write your words 

Tuesday: Write an Acrostic Poem for each person

Wednesday: Test 

Thursday: Type ‘Em  Using Google Docs, type your words 3 times each. Use a different font for each set of words.




Dear Parents,


Thank you to Gail Watson for volunteering to help with Field Day. We can still use some help if you are available for the morning. Thank you!

Our Third Grade Field Day is on the students last day of school, May 23.


It is hard to believe that we only have 6 days left of school. My how the year has flown by. I want to thank you for sharing your wonderful children with me. I feel lucky to have had such a great group of children. I will really miss them.

Your child should have brought a paper home about a science experiment. I tried to make the list as simple as possible. This experiment is worth 25 points of their science grade. The students will have to tell what their experiment is about, what ingredients they used, the steps of the experiments and the projected outcome. Thank you for your help. Friday is the last day we will perform the experiment.



Science: This week and next week the students will choose a Science Experiment to share with the class. I will help the students choose an experiment, the students will perform their experiment on a day they choose. This assignment is worth 25 points of their science grade.                                                       






AR:  I just want to make everyone aware that a grade is taken for AR. The students are required to get 15 points for this grading period. 

For everyone who earns their 15 AR points this nine weeks. I am going to have a special dessert and punch for lunch.  Lunch Club: Zaine, Candice, Shelby, Cire.


Social Studies– Unit 3 Living in Mexico


Up Coming Events:

May 18th Title 1 Celebration 3:00

May 20th PTO Mother/Son Bowling

May 20th YMCA Kids Marathon

May 23rd FIELD DAY

May 23rd The Last School Day of the Year.


Have a wonderful week.


Mrs. Scales

Websites:  Here are some web sites the children can go on this summer to keep their brains sharp.