August 14, 2017


Math: We are Rounding numbers to the nearest 10 and the nearest 100.

Monday- Lesson 5 Round to the nearest Hundred                       
HW p 39-40

Tuesday - Lesson 6: Problem-Solving: Use the four-step plan  
HW p 45-46                                              
Wednesday - Review HW Rounding to the nearest 10        
Thursday - Lesson 4: Round to the Nearest Ten  HW p 34 -35
Friday -  Test

SPELLING:  Homework 

Monday:  Write each word in a different color

Tuesday: Across and Down  when                                                                            h                                                                                                                                   e                                  

Thursday: Draw and Label:  Draw and label your spelling words. You MUST color your drawings and labels. Don’t forget to add a lot of great detail. Do your very BEST WORK!                                         

               YOU MUST WRITE NEATLY


Dear Parents,

   Thank you to everyone who attended Back to School Night. We had a great turnout. Also, thank you to everyone who signed-up for a conference. If you didn’t get a chance to sign-up, please contact me to setup a conference time. Thanks so much.


We are reading “The One and Only Ivan”

Please make sure your child is reading at least 15 minutes a night. It really helps them become better readers.  It really helps if you ask them questions  about the book they are reading.


Social Studies:

The Geography of North America and the Caribbean


We are starting Physical Science.


Behavior Charts:

The Students thought it would be a good idea to start behavior charts this week.

 Please make sure to sign the back of the chart and send it back Monday Morning.


Book Orders: I sent a book order form home on Friday. I have those due on Monday the 21st.


There were some really good deals on books this month. I will send home book orders when I find a month that has good deals. 

The second reason I send book orders home, is so we earn books for our classroom. I am always trying to build the classroom library. 


Thank You!!


Spelling Week 1                                                                                                         wrench               hello                   yellow                bread             kept               better                 sentence         eggshell         medal             metal             remember      reading       peaches             piece               east             west               many                  special                beanstalk          peace


AR:  I will explain this on Wednesday Night                Everyone needs to get 10 points  Lunch Club:


Math Facts: we are also starting multiplication fact tests. Your child would greatly benefit from a deck of flash cards and practice those facts for 10 minutes a night.

The first Skating Party is August 21 from 6:30-8:30

August 21– 25 is the Book Fair

September 1 is Fall Pictures will be taken

September 4 Labor Day    NO SCHOOL

Here are some educational web sites :







Have a wonderful week.


Mrs. Scales