Homework for the Week of April 24-28, 2017

   Monday  -  Spelling - Write words:
                     6-9     6 times
                    12-18     5   "
                    21-27     4   "
                    30-36     3   "
  - Reading Log
                   Spelling  -  Write words the same as last night's homework.

Wednesday  -  Reading Log
                        SCIENCE  -  Study guide for test next Tuesday.
                       IF you write your spelling words (same # of times as Monday), you will earn 15 minutes of FREE TIME tomorrow!!!!

Thursday  - Reading Log
                   Spelling  -  Same as Monday's homework.
                   The Norway spruce trees from the state of Indiana went home today.  If you do not want the tree, please try to find someone who does want to plant it or send it back to school.  Thank you!

Friday  -   Reading Log