November 13 - November 17

Choice 1 - Cut out pictures from a magazine or newspaper of things that you are thankful for and glue them inside of the cornucopia.. Be sure to color the cornucopia too! Choice 2 - Using the graph paper, interview at least 7 family members to find out their favorite Thanksgiving food! Color in the the graph to match their responses. Choice 3 - Make a list of 10 things you are thankful for. If you can, write why you are thankful for those things! Choice 4 - Ask a family member to set the timer for 2 minutes. See if you can count all the way to 100 before it beeps! If you were able to beat it, try setting it for 1 minute and seeing how far you get! Write down how far you get! Choice 5 - Cut out letters from a magazine or newspaper to spell our everyday words we have been learning this nine weeks. Glue them to a piece of paper. Find letters to spell the following words: to, the, see, go, me, you