Homework for the Week of April 24 - April 28
Every Monday, your child will get the week's homework (un-homework). There are 5 choices. You can do as many or as few as you would like. Keep in mind, the more your child does, the more they master those kindergarten standards. These choices are meant to practice the skills and standards we are learning in class, but in a fun, hands on, and engaging way. No need to cut off the tickets at the bottom. Leave them attached. Fill out the tickets for each choice your child completes. Have the child color in the circle next to each choice they complete. Turn the paper in the following Monday. Your child will receive a sticker for each choice completed to go towards picking a prize from the treasure box. The 5 choices this week are...

Choice #1 - Pretend you are a teacher, and explain to a family member what the term 'blend' means. Sound out the words below to that family member by blending the sounds. Frost Train Prop Tribe Small

Choice #2 - Create 1 Earth Day promise! What can you do everyday to help save the earth? Write your promise on the back of the paper.  

Choice #3 - Create a number line using household items, and use it to solve the following subtraction problem. Write your answer in the space provided on the paper. 9-5=_________

Choice #4 - On the back of the paper, draw 7 counters. Separate your counters into two groups. Write how many counters are in each group under your drawings.

Choice #5 - Miss Stone has 1 group of hundreds, 4 groups of tens, and 0 ones. How many straws does Miss Stone have? Write your answer on the paper. 

*Attention Families*
Last week was our last spelling list/test for the school year! There will be no more spelling lists, or spelling tests.

Poem of the Week

Each week we have a poem that we focus on. Help your child memorize the poem throughout the week. If they have it memorized by Friday they will earn a sticker on their chart. 

Planet Roll Call 

Eight planets around the sun,

Listen as I call each one:

Mercury? Here! Number one,

Closest planet to the sun.

Venus? Here! Number two,

Shining bright, just like new!

Earth? Here! Number three,

Earth is home to you and me.

Mars? Here! Number four,

Red and ready to explore!

Jupiter? Here! Number five.

Largest planet, that’s no jive!

Saturn? Here! Number six.

With rings of dust and ice that mix.

Uranus? Here! Number seven,

A planet tilted high in heaven.

Neptune? Here! Number eight,

With one dark spot whose size is great.