Homework for September 5 - September 8

Unhomework officially starts this week! Every Monday, your child will receive the week's homework. Your child has all week to do all 5 choices. The unhomework will be due the following Monday. To turn it back in, please put it back in your child's homework pocket. I will collect all homework on Mondays and put in the new weeks homework. Unhomework is a way to practice the skills we are working on in class, but in a fun way. Below are the 5 choices for this week. Also, if your child struggles with the daily math assignment, the homework for that math lesson will be in their homework pocket. Please complete that the same night and turn it back in the next day. Not everyone will have math homework.

Choice 1 - Read a book with a family member.

Choice 2 - Name 3 students in our class and tell a family member something.

Choice 3 - Retell a story you heard in class today.

Choice 4 - Touch 10 things in your house and think of a word that rhymes with that item.

Choice 5 - Play a game with a family member.