December 4-8
Monday- Reading- Spelling activity sheet for list #12
                           Final test for Running Out of Time- due Friday
                           Essay contest in class assignment
                           Narrative Poem-due December 11
                           Noun/Pronoun Packet- due Friday
              Math- pages 333-334
              Science- pages 144-145 write vocab and meanings in journal, read and take notes
                           over pages 146-155
              Indiana History- Type Tecumseh essay

Tuesday- Reading- Finish battleship game for spelling, spelling packet is due Friday,  Narrative
                            poem is due Monday, Dec. 11,  Essay for contest is due Friday, Read
                            chapters 1-3 Sign of the Beaver
               Math- pages 339-340   
               Science- Christmas Program practice  
               Indiana History- Christmas Program practice
Wednesday- Reading- Finish battleship spelling game, take home practice spelling test, spelling 
                   packet is due Friday, Quiz over chapters 1-2 Sign of the Beaver, Read chapters 
                   3-5 Sign of the Beaver
                Math- NWEA testing
                Science- Stations, Test Friday (study vocab and notes) page 162 (1-5),
                Social Studies- Read and discuss pages 104-109 and take quiz Friday, December Thursday- ​ Math Mrs. G. long division worksheet first column only
                         Miss M. Review for Chapter 5 test tomorrow
                        Mrs. W. Reteaching sheet chapter 6 lesson 2 in class- no homework
                 Reading- Mrs. G. Day 2 Biography packet and cents spelling
                               Mrs. W. Read chapters 5-7 Sign of the Beaver quiz tomorrow,
                                           narrative poem due Monday
                                Miss M. figurative language worksheet, free choice spelling, study
                                            spelling, vocab log due tomorrow
                Indiana History- quiz tomorrow over pages 104-109
                Science- Mrs. G's class- Review for test on Monday
                             Mrs. W's class- Chapter 5 test tomorrow, review today with Kahoot