Week of August 7-11
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Literacy Block

Ashton: no homework

Glentzer: Fourth Grade Rats sheet

Whitehair: Spelling list #1 short a and short e words activity sheet
Write Source Quiz- take notes pages 4-7 quiz on Friday
Ashton: Flash cards vocab

Glentzer: vocab log questions chapters 3-4 Fourth Grade Rats

Whitehair: Write Source quiz over steps in writing process on Friday
Pick four spelling practice
Read chapters 1-2 The Lion Who Stole My Arm
Fill in Compare contrast paragraphs over chapters 1-2

Ashton: Spelling alphabetical order if not finished in class

Glentzer: Rock N' Roll spelling practice

Whitehair: Practice take home test
Fix the misspelled words sheet
Read chapters 3-4
Packet- Sequence sheet

study for spelling test and good reader quiz

Glentzer: questions over chapters 7-8
vocabulary crossword puzzle

Writing Process quiz tomorrow
spelling scramble and word search
vocabulary study sheet

no homework


Fourth Grade Rats
chapters 9-10 questions
subject /predicate

Write Source quiz over steps in the writing process


Ashton: page 15-16

Glentzer: no homework

Whitehair: no homework
Ashton: No homework

Glentzer: math book pages 15-16

Whitehair: math book pages 15-16 due in class
No Homework

Glentzer: book pages 17-22

Whitehair: page 19 problems 12-13

Ashton:page 21

Glentzer: pages 23-28


page 21-22


page 27-28


pages 31-36

page 27 due today

 Social Studies

Read pages 5-7 Write vocabulary meanings and take notes in journal watch video over 3 regions of Indiana
Take notes over pages 8-9 Quiz Friday over 3 regions

Latitude Longitude lesson and worksheet in class Latitude/longitude sheet
Study for 3 region quiz
Three regions quiz


Introduce chapter 1 vocabulary- write meanings in journal and take notes over pages 10-11
Chapter 1 test Friday, August 18
Conduct experiment- separating different matter types in a mixture
pages 12-13 Odor and taste take notes
Odor test 
pages 14-15 Texture and hardness take notes
conduct observations in class
Lesson Attraction to magnets pages 16-17 Take notes workbook page 177
Friday- No homework
Chapter 1 test next Friday

Week of August 14-18
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Literacy Block

Ashton: Chapters 6-7 questions

Glentzer: Chapters 11-12 questions

Whitehair: Spelling activity sheet for list #2
Read chapters 9-10
Begin work on alphabox

Ashton: Chapters 8-9 questions

Glentzer: Vocab log

Whitehair: Fabulous five spelling practice
Write Source page 481 (1-10)
Packet- figures of speech Write paragraph about the lion using at least three figures of speech
Ashton: synonym/ antonym spelling
word search
vocab log due Friday

dice spelling
Subject/ predicate paper

Whitehair: Practice home test
Fix the Misspelled words sheet

Ashton: Vocabulary log due tomorrow
study for spelling/vocabulary test

Glentzer: Crossword
Answer questions for 10 extra credit points

Chapters 9-10 Yes Ma'am response answer question #3
Study for spelling test
Ashton: Spelling test and review for book test on Monday

Glentzer: Spelling test 
Fourth Grade Rats test

Whitehair: Spelling test
Read chapter 11 and fill in 3,2,1 sheet in packet
Write paragraph about one event that happened in The Lion Who Stole My Arm

Ashton: page 33-34

Glentzer: pages 37-42

Whitehair: page 30
Ashton: addition facts due Friday

Glentzer: pages 43-48

Whitehair: no homework

Ashton: facts paper due Friday

Glentzer: pages 49-51

Whitehair:  due in class today pages 33-36
Ashton: Math facts sheets due tomorrow

Glentzer:  Chapter 1 written test no homework

Whitehair: page 41-42
Ashton: Math fact packets
pages 39-42

Glentzer: Computer test for chapter 1

Whitehair: Problem Solving Problems- no homework

 Social Studies

longitude/latitude sheet
Climate- read together pages 13-17 quiz on Thursday

Watch tornado video.
Read article on weather and climate
Climate quiz

Video- renewable and nonrenewable resources
Write vocabulary page 18 in journal


workbook page 175
small group read pages 18-21
Take notes over pages 18-21
Create a mixture
Create a mixture and solution
Measure mass using a balance
pages 20-25
Take notes.
Measure mass of an object using a balance
Measure the mass of a liquid
Measure volume using graduated cylinders
Chapter 1 test Tuesday