Useful Links

The link above will take you directly to the login screen to access the math book online.

You can use any of the following usernames:

The passwords for these are all the same: Cowan1

In the past, I have heard of teachers posting assignments and having students watch videos before coming to class. I will not do that, but I want to make sure the students have access to the videos and especially the text book at home if they forget it at school.

Here are some fun and useful links that may be valuable to our class.

Arcademics Skill Builders - Great website for practicing your speed at any type of math fact!

Fun4TheBrain - Another great website to practice math facts! This website has slower paced games for students who need more time to practice. 

These two sites are some practice websites that I will have up all year. I will add more websites that are appropriate for what we are doing in class as the year goes along.