Title I Updates
April 2017

It's hard to believe how quickly the year is winding down!  We are in the final stretch and will be working hard to help your child achieve his/her goals.

ISTEP skills and strategies will continue to be focused on, since the older grades will wrap up the final round of ISTEP this month.  The online programs that we are using are great prep for that.  For the younger grades, we will do a little test prep as well, getting ready for NWEA.

We will do one last set of progress monitoring before the final benchmark during the last week of April.  For the fifth and sixth graders that are taking ISTEP, their progress monitor may be moved to the first week of May, depending on when they are able to attend Blackhawk Time.

If you would like any resources or ideas of things to do with your child, please feel free to contact me!

March 2017

March is a month packed full!  We kick off with ISTEP, so there may be times that your child will not have Blackhawk Time, depending on the schedule.  We will try to keep things as normal as possible.

ISTEP skills and strategies will continue to be focused on, as the next session approaches.  The online programs that we are using are great prep for that.  In the younger grades, as in all grades, we will continue to try to reinforce skills that are being taught in the classroom.

The next set of progress monitoring will not occur until after Spring Break.  If you would like any resources or ideas of things to do with your child over break, please feel free to contact me!

February 2017

This February, we will do a set of progress monitoring to check in on the kids.  If you are interested in how this is done or he results, let me know.

Also, due to ISTEP coming up, in grades 3-6, ISTEP skills and strategies will be stressed to help support the students as much as possible.

You can help at home by encouraging your child to ask questions when they need help, rather than guessing, reading together, and helping them to use time wisely.  These are everyday skills that we are working on, to make the learning time as streamlined and valuable as possible.

January 2017

Welcome Back!  Hopefully everyone had a Christmas Break and is ready to get back to school!

The program is excited to kick off the new semester with more technology based learning.  We have access to iPads and will be using Read Theory and Ten Marks (along with other supplements) during Blackhawk Time.  These programs will align with what they teachers are instructing in class as well as what the students need extra support in.  If you have any questions about these programs, please let me know.

In addition, because we are just getting back from a break and launching a new program, we will do the next progress monitor in February.

December 2016

December is a very busy month, with Christmas programs, parties, field trips, and special classroom activities.  The Title I program will be working very hard to work around these special events, but you may have your child telling you that they did not come to Blackhawk Time occasionally.  If you are worried about this, please let me know.

During December, we take care of the mid year benchmark testing.  This is done three times a year.  It was done in September, now in December, and again in May.  The benchmark testing is our main resource to know if the students are improving or not and in what ways we can further support their goals.

November 2016

There will be progress monitoring combined for both October and November, due to Fall Break and Thanksgiving Break.  We want to be able to use as much time as possible for instruction and coaching.

Occasionally, you should see a few things come home from the work that your child is doing during Blackhawk Time.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

The tutoring program is going well, and the students seem to enjoy having not only teachers, but High School students there to help them with their work.

October 2016

The students have completed their initial benchmark testing for the program.  Now, the teachers and Title staff are working together to help the students achieve what they are capable of.

During Blackhawk Time, your child will work on skills that the teachers are targeting in class.  The Title staff and teachers collaborate on these topics.  Once a month, the students will complete progress monitoring, which will help them how they are improving.  Along with this, the students will write their own goals for the next round of progress checks.  With this, the students look closely at their work, and really decide what their weak and strong points are.

In October, tutoring begins for those students that chose to participate.  (You would have sent in the permission form that was attached to the entrance letter.) This is a great opportunity for skill enhancement and homework help, staffed by Cowan teachers.  We are looking forward to working with these kids after school!

September 2016

The Title Team has identified students.  If your child was selected for the program, you should have received a note informing you of this, as well as the tutoring option.  If you would like your child to come to tutoring, please return the form.  Tutoring will begin after Fall Break.

In the meantime, this year, for Title, we are calling it Blackhawk Time.  The students will meet on black and gold days, depending on their areas of need.  The Title Team has begun to pull students out, get the initial benchmark testing done, and is excited to launch the program for the year!

August 2016

We are getting the program kicked-off with screeners.  These are quick, timed tests, that we will score to find the students that we are able to work with this year.  Other data is also used, including, but not limited to: ISTEP scores, STAR Reading, NWEA, classroom assessments, Bracken, and teacher recommendations.

The Title Team is working hard to complete the assessments and gather the data, so the program can get up and running for the 2016-2017 school year!