Background Check

Employee Background Checks

Any employee chosen to work for the Cowan Community Schools must submit to an Expanded Background Check.  We have implemented a new system that allows you to begin the background check online by clicking the link below.  The fee for Employees is currently $22.90.  The site will ask you to pay the fee with a Credit Card.  If you do not have Internet access or a credit card, you may contact Sheryl Marshall at 765-289-4866 or smarshall@cowan.k12.in.us for more information.  (Prospective employees that have lived in states other than Indiana could have additional fees added if that state charges additional fees.)  If you will not be a PAID employee, please read the Volunteer information below.

Begin an EMPLOYEE Expanded Background Check by Clicking HERE!

Volunteer Background Checks

There  are many types of volunteers at Cowan Community Schools.  In some cases, it will be necessary to submit to an Expanded Background Check before you can volunteer in certain positions with the school district. Please discuss your volunteer status with the building administrators before using the link below.  Clicking the link below will initiate an Expanded Background Check at a cost of $17.50.  Your discussion with the building administrators will include whether the school, or you as a volunteer, will be responsible for the cost.  If you complete an application for a background check without prior permission from an administrator, your application will be deleted.

Begin a Volunteer Expanded Background Check by Clicking HERE!